Freitag, 2. Februar 2018


Today was our last official day and we made a trip with Mrs. Kaisa and one of her students Tanja to the National-Park Koli in Northkarelia. We went by car about one hour from Joensuu to Koli.
As we arrived we took the gondola up this small hill. The highest point of Koli is called "Ukko-Koli" and it's about 347m above the sealevel. Tanja told us about the history of Koli and the National-Park and she guided us up the hill.
On the top of "Ukko-Koli" we had a beautiful view about the lake and the landscape. Koli is also a skiing area and there was a competition today. After that we had lunch at a fireplace, where we grilled sausages and marshmellows.
At the school we said goodbye to Mrs. Kaisa and we are thankful that we could spend this two weeks here in Joensuu.

This was our journey to Finland it was a fanstastic trip, we met very friendly people and we made great experiences.

Thanks to our teacher Mr. Steindorfer, to Mrs. Kaisa and our workplaces.



Today we were all together, we started at 11:00 a.m.. First we started with a conversation with Kari, he told Sophia and Marie how they were at the first week in serving lessons.
Then we were saying goodbye to him and to the kitchen team, because today is our last day of school and tomorrow we are going to visit Koli with Kaisa and we will not see them again this week. Sara, Ilari, Andree and Jorma are going to visit us in Austria in April and we are very happy to see them again and that it isn´t a "real goodbye".
In the evening we had dinner with Mrs. Kaisa in the best restaurant of Joensuu "Local Bistro".
We really enjoyed this evening and it was the perfect ending from our trip.



Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018


Yesterday was a very special day for the Finnish students. The whole day there were semifinals for the waitresses and the chef students, there were also many costumers and viewers. They had to mix a cocktail, to serve the dishes in the right order.
The chef students had to cook a three dishes menu,it was very interesting to see how such a competition works in a other land.
At 10 a.m. Outi took us for a little sight-seeing tour in Joensuu, we were walking about one hour and then we went back to school. We finished at 1 p.m. , we went shopping in Joensuu for the last time. This day was very beautiful, because the sun was shining and since we are here we have seen the sun maybe for two or three times.

Dienstag, 30. Januar 2018


Today the school started at 8:00 a.m.
The weather was changing in the night and it was snowing. Our school day was very boring, because we had Finnish lessons and we couldn`t understand.
So we thought about, that the first week was much better.
In the first week we could do much more for example we had more contact to the guests and we were speaking with them in english.
At 10 a.m. Mrs.Kaisa picked us up and we were going to a "Travel Agency".
She introduced us Tanja her student. Tanja was making a internship by the "Travel Agency"
In the evening we went to an italian restaurant. There we had dinner, it was very delicious.

Montag, 29. Januar 2018


Anja started at 8:00 a.m. in the kitchen, she was cooking the lunch for the students with Heli and Sara, she finished at 2:00 p.m..
Marie and Sophia started at 10 a.m., they had three hours Swedish lessons and they  finished at 1:00 p.m. . After school we went to the center to have a coffee and we were talking about our day, then we went home and cooked something for dinner.



On Sunday we were not doing much, an that´s the reason why we want to tell you our expressions about Joensuu;

We think it´s very nice here, but the school system is very different than in Austria so we have to get used to it. The teachers and students are kind and very helpful and if you have any questions they make an effort to help you. If we want to talk to a teacher we can call them by their first name.

The city is small it´s like Klagenfurt but a little bit smaller, here are may small restaurants and enough shopping possibilities. And we are very glad to be here.


On Saturday we were cleaning our flat and did some laundry. In the afternoon we were going into the city and we went  shopping and there we met Milla.
We decided to go out for dinner with her, she wanted to show us the "local bistro" but it was already everything reserved. Then we went to the restaurant "Torero" a spanish local. The food was really nice and the atmosphere was fantastic.